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IT’S BEEN SO LONG September 5, 2010

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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.  I’ll post some fun images from the past while.

Ruby in the Rain, it’s about ready to come again in a few months.

"The Beautiful Stasche"

Just beautiful photos I wanted to post.

Saw in Salt Lake City, truly awesome.

A Palm Tree fell on my truck at work, bummer.


remember the under water party this summer? October 23, 2008

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random life images October 9, 2008

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mgmt show this summer

i drained the gabba lake

you can buy episodes on iTunes, music on Oct. 14

futuristic me at disneyland

amy sedaris made scott and i cry like kids at 9:30 am

in the recording studio

i like this birthday cake


RUBY IN THE PARK July 3, 2008

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me and the fly i killed June 2, 2008

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  i hate flies.  this fly in particular was taunting me at work, crawlling and buzzing by my ear


  and again he kept bugging me


  so i finally killed him


nursery welcome ruby May 7, 2008

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   a first day for everyone, ruby’s even smiling for the picture

   she was a good sharing girl, even when kids swiped her stuff

   a very peaceful spirit, the only one stationary in the picture


water ruby May 6, 2008

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   ruby loves water                                and more water


   and water hoses                               and more water


  maybe she’s getting sick of it             nope, she loves more water


   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh             gulp!




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